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Controversy EP

Controversy EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-11-05

Catalog number: BP8002018

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Controversy (Original Mix)
At Low Cost (Original Mix)

Popular Brazilian DJ duo E-Light aka Emerson Ramos and Gilmar Santos debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker titled Controversy EP. This dynamic duo is responsible for some seriously rocking parties throughout Brazil and beyond. The formed E-Light and have notched up a solid rep since then. With more than 13 year’s experience in the music world between them, we’re delighted to have them on board.

Controversy gets moving with a tight drum section and groovy bassline combo, just the right ingredients to get the toes tapping. The bassline really comes to the fore after the drop as it sweeps up the floor with a dosing of funk. The beats remain tight and on point as a rising FX generates a palpable energy. Cool voices litter the background as space aged synths add textures. A real floor stomper with a unique proggy tech hybrid vibe. An absolute must have.

At Low Cost intros with a warm analogue style synth to the backdrop of a muted kick drum and rhythmic hats. The groove gets into full on mode as the kicks get beefed up to thumping levels and the percussions force you to move. Sinister synths set a much darker tone along with a little help from metallic sounds as the bassline grabs hold of your body. Mesmerizing notes bleed into the sound alongside cool voices, but it’s that bassline that really captivates making this a weapon you will want in your arsenal.




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