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    Club Traxx – Psy Progressive 2

    Club Traxx – Psy Progressive 2

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2015-04-06

    Catalog number: MWCD2015476

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    Adrenaline (Zen Mechanics Remix)
    Zen Mechanics, Liquid Soul
    Jerusalem (Original Mix)
    Jamie Baggotts
    Acid Waves (Original Mix)
    Ananda Shake, Faders
    Plateaux (Original Mix)
    The Skeleton Dance (Extended Mix)
    High Hopes (Original Mix)
    Outsiders, Symbolic
    That Night (Original Mix)
    Spirit Architect, DJ Antrix
    Space Traveler (Original Mix)
    Killer Weekend
    Destructor (Original Mix)
    Just Another Freak (Original Mix)
    Sonic Species
    Electrify (Dapanji vs Mystical Complex Remix)
    System Nipel, Aquatica, Dapanji, Mystical Complex
    Blast From The Past (Original Mix)
    Vibe Tribe, Spade
    Ace Of Diamond (Original Mix)
    X-NoiZe, Funk Truck
    Extremely Well (Original Mix)
    Nitrodrop, Roger Rabbit
    Successfully Executed feat. Twelve Sessions (2014 Mix)
    Stereo Plug, Twelve Sessions
    Space Race (Planet 6 Remix)
    Aerospace, Planet 6
    Triping With Ali Baba (Original Mix)
    Mystical Complex
    Typology (Lifeforms Remix)
    Kali, Lifeforms
    Wanderer (Original Mix)
    Yar Zaa
    Mystical Experience (Original Mix)

    The Club Traxx journey continues with Psy Progressive 2, an expedition into full on banging beats and trippy basslines. The first outing proved popular and this time around again, we have meticulously selected only the finest cuts for inclusion. 20 of the best top notch, hard hitting grooves are on offer from the likes of Liquid Soul, Zen Mechanics, ManMadeMen, Martian Arts & Black Noise, Ananda Shake, Faders, ON3, Bliss, Outsiders, Symbotic , Spirit Architect, Dj Antrix, Killer Weekend, Masticate, Sonic Species, System Nipel, Aquatica, Dapanji, Mystical Complex, Vibe Tribe, Spade, X-Noize, Funk, Truck, Nitro Drop, Roger Rabbit, Stereo Plug ft. Twelve sessions, Aerospace, Planet 6, Mystical Complex, Kali, Lifeforms, Yar Zaa and Artsense. Grab yourself this megapack and boost your DJ prowess to the limit.




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