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Club Traxx – Progressive House 22

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2018522 16 April, 2018

Our Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 22 which features a host of top notch grooves from the progressive house arena that will enhance your set and keep the floors rocking. We’ve gathered together 20 of the hottest tracks from the last few months and wrapped them up into a convenient package to give your crate a boost. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Airwave, Manu Riga, Cherry, L.S.G., Rick Pier O’Neil, Nico Parisi, Stan Kolev, Eugene Becker, Crocy, Jacob Singer, Paul Angelo & Don Argento, Adnan Jakubovic, Molka, Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris, Montw, Andrew Lewis and more are on hand to deliver the goods. A jam packed compilation that will not disappoint.