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    Club Traxx – Progressive House 19

    Club Traxx – Progressive House 19

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-11-28

    Catalog number: MWCD2016502

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    Fragile Sunrise (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
    Rick Pier O'Neil, Matan Caspi
    Genetic (Original Mix)
    Rise And Fall
    Forsaken (Original Mix)
    Stan Kolev
    Cry To Oblivion (Original Mix)
    Manu Riga
    Voice Of Phangan (Jamie Baggotts Remix)
    Samotarev, Jamie Baggotts
    Diwan (Original Mix)
    Attica (Rise And Fall Remix)
    Nico Parisi, Rise And Fall
    Substance Abuse (Original Mix)
    Kush (MU)
    Grow (Original Mix)
    JoC H
    Glass Bells (Original Mix)
    Yuriy From Russia
    Emerald Queen (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    Robert R. Hardy, Christopher Hermann
    Underground Culture (Owersound Remix)
    AudioStorm, Owersound
    Profound (Original Mix)
    Broken Dreams (Original Mix)
    Experimental Feelings
    Assol (Ewan Rill Remix)
    Ewan Rill, K.Oshkin
    It's Pouring Outside (Manu Riga's Sunshine Mix)
    Manu Riga, Don Longton
    Tiefe Gedanken (Nico Parisi Remix)
    Nico Parisi, Blufeld, Platunoff
    Heide (Original Mix)
    Mild Rise (Original Mix)
    Daniel Curotto
    Endorphine (Following Light Remix)
    Following Light, J'Dan

    We continue our Club Traxx series with Progressive House 19 and once again we deliver only the finest progressive sounds that will enhance your collection and give you the tools control the floors. 20 top notch originals and remixes from the likes of Manu Riga, Nico Parisi, Matan Caspi, Rick Pier O’Neil, Kush, Robert R Hardy, AudioStorm, Ewan Rill, Blufeld & Platinoff, JoC, Jamie Baggotts and more are on hand to boost your set with their rich, quality grooves that will definitely keep the party rocking. A must have for the serious progressive jocks.




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