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Club Traxx – Progressive House 17

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2015489 28 December, 2015

  • Destroy Us (Original Mix)

    Frangellico, The Man In Dark Suit

  • Up To The Groove (Dub Mix)

    Rick Pier O'Neil

  • Hiccup (Rise And Fall Remix)

    Phi Phi, Rise And Fall

  • Catastrophe (Original Mix)

    Slam Duck

  • Es Vedra (Original Mix)


  • Ambushed (Original Mix)

    Basil O'Glue

  • Subsequential (Original Mix)

    Matt Holliday

  • Indian Trip (Original Mix)

    Experimental Feelings

  • A Lie Has No Legs (Original Mix)


  • Dust (Original Mix)


  • Anywhere But Home (Original Mix)

    Manu Riga

  • If I Don't Come Home (Tim Penner Remix)

    John 00 Fleming, Tim Penner

  • Anemos (Oliver Petkovski Remix)

    Oliver Petkovski, Urban Flex

  • Painkiller (Original Mix)

    Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan

  • Bushido (Original Mix)

    Juan Astudillo

  • Transport (Woods Mix)


  • Raghunandana (Original Mix)

    Ruslan Vashkevich

  • The Mist (Original Mix)

    Tim Penner

  • Scatter Brain (Original Mix)

    Oliver Petkovski

  • Red Center (Original Mix)


Our long standing Club Traxx series continues with Progressive House 17 featuring 20 top notch progressive cuts from a host of prolific artists from our own Bonzai Progressive imprint and beyond. We’ve sourced some excellent tracks from labels like Green Snake Records, JOOF, Mistique Music, Sudam, Contrast and Green Martian as well as BP. Artists such as Frangellico, Rick Pier O’Neil, Phi Phi, Rise And Fall, Slam Duck, Kintar, Basil O’Glue, Matt Holliday, Experimental Feeling, Moshic, Lymbic, Manu Riga, John 00 Fleming, Tim Penner, Urban Flex, Oliver Petkovski, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Juan Astudillo, Sween, Woods, Ruslan Vashkevich and Modeplex are all on hand to deliver these superb cuts to the floors. A wonderful bumper pack for any collector and the perfect way to get a night of partying on the move.