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Club Traxx – Dark & Deep 3

Club Traxx – Dark & Deep 3

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2016-02-01

Catalog number: MWCD2016490

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In Chains (Original Mix)
Kevin Vega
The Dark Place (Original Mix)
Audio Noir
The Devils Punch Bowl (Pt. 1)
John 00 Fleming, Rick Pier O'Neil
Open System (Original Mix)
Rise And Fall
The Long Way Home (Another Audio Noir Trip)
Audio Noir, Youngen
Hollany (Original Mix)
Leon Krasich
Trip To Strip (Original Mix)
Jesper Mauerhoff
Fluffy (Original Mix)
Underwater (Original Mix)
To The Bass (Vocal Mix)
My Little Secret (Original Mix)
Zoe Song
Mexico City (Original Mix)
Jamie Baggotts
Belisha Beacon (Original Mix)
Pipe Dream (Original Mix)
Matt Holliday
Reverse (Original Mix)
Adrian Roman
Rizer (Original Mix)
Rick Pier O'Neil
051 (Original Mix)
Surveyor Mode
Mindtrap (Original Mix)
Ruben Losada
Born In Darkness (Vox Mix)
CompleteJ, Mr Sativo
Nature Never Sleeps (Original Mix)
Corey Biggs

The Club Traxx series continues with Deep & Dark 3 where 20 off the hook tracks are poised and ready to blow your mind wide open. We’ve selected some of the finest cuts from our own labels, Bonzai Porgressive and Progrez as well as from top labels like JOOF and Mistique Music to bring you a rip roaring trek into some deep and dark places within the progressive spectrum. Leading the way on this superb ride we have some top notch artists such as Kevin Vega, Audio Noir, Youngen, JF & Rick Pier O’Neill, Rise and Fall, Leon Krasich, Jesper Mauerhoff, Stanisha, metronomes, Seconds, Zoe Song, Jamie Baggotts, A.r.e.s, Matt Holliday, Adrian Roman, Surveyor Mode, Ruben Losada, Complete J & Mr Sativo and Corey Biggs. A definite must have compilation that will keep parties rocking long into the night.




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