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Club Traxx – Breaks 3

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2015478 4 May, 2015

  • Pain Is My Relief (Original Mix)


  • Random Love (Breaks Mix)


  • Angel's Arms (Airwave Breaks Remix)

    Airwave, Fatal Error

  • Perception (Original Mix)


  • Will Be Unattainable (Platunoff Breaks Remix)

    Julian Dep, Platunoff

  • Stealth Assasin (Breaks Edit)


  • We Follow In Heat (Original Mix)

    Reflection Soul

  • One More Night (Airwave Remix)

    Airwave, Audio Noir

  • Heritage (Breaks Mix)

    Chris Oblivion

  • Outer Rim (Plu-Ton Remix)

    Timewave, Plu-Ton

  • From Chelyabinsk To Moscow (Original Mix)


  • Outcry (Digital Department Remix)

    Digital Department, Stanisha, Kaan Koray

  • Cosmic Trip (Part 3)


  • Tecabrali (Original Mix)


  • Time Break (Original Mix)


  • Astro (Platunoff Breaks Remix)

    Platunoff, Max Ivanovsky

  • Fly On Cloud (MSZ Remix)

    MSZ, Van Bake

  • Malibu Road (Original Mix)


  • Wild Forest (Original Mix)

    Maksim Palmaxs

  • Distant Past (Original Mix)

    Lukosz, GREEN1

The Club Traxx series continues with Breaks 3 compiling some of the hottest breaks tracks around that are filled with intensity to blow your mind. We’ve selected 20 choice cuts from top labels like Bonzai Progressive, J00F, Mistique Music and Contrast. Lose yourself to the sounds of artists such as Airwave, Moshic, Fatal Error, Mathov, Julian Deep, Platunoff, Stardesign, Reflection Soul, Audio Noir, Chris Oblivion, TimeWave, Plu-Ton, Stanisha, Kaan Koray, Digital Department, Incolumis, Max Ivanovsky, Van Bake, MSZ, Aitra, Maxim Palmaxs and Lukosz Green1. A stunningly surreal collection that will definitely make a mark on your playlist.