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Chasing Flash

Bonzai Progressive BP5582016R 27 June, 2016

Dutch DJ and producer Jesper Mauerhoff is back at Bonzai Progressive with another of his delectable cuts – the two tracker Chasing Flash – to get the progressive juices flowing on the floors. Last time out was back in November 2015 when we were treated to the superb Trip To Strip which gained great support across the board.

Chasing Flash delivers a solid progressive vibe that draws out a retro kinda feeling that can be found in the structure of the track and amongst the various expertly crafted sounds. The bassline carries the progressive groove in style with its warming tones and solid construction while the tight knit beats provide a fine flowing rhythm. A hypnotic synth arp prevails throughout the track drawing you in deeper while sublime pads create a wonderfully textured groove. A definite must have track.

Elephant intros with a big chunky kick drum and deep throbbing bassline creating a massive progressive vibe with a fantastic retro them that runs through it in the form of a wonderful acid line. Tight beats are at play also and keep the rhythm on point as the lower frequencies go to work. At the higher end a superb synth riff blasts into the track and teases us with its hands in the air capabilities only to fade away leaving us wanting more. This track is huge, this track is not to be missed, the crowds are gonna love this one. The perfect mid set monster.