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    The Chant

    The Chant

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2015-03-02

    Catalog number: BP4282015

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    The Chant (Original Mix)
    Jamie Baggotts
    The Voyager (Original Mix)
    Jamie Baggotts

    UK based DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts is back at BP with The Chant. His debut a few months ago made waves in all the right places and charted well across many platforms. Jamie keeps up his pacey progressive style this time around on this superb two tracker.

    The Chant gets us right into the heart of driving progressive grooves with its acid styled basslines and tight drum arrangement. A deep, much more powerful bass sits underneath the rolling acid lines beautifully providing great depth to the sound. On top a sweeping female vocal mesmerizes the mind for the duration. This epic monster just keeps on giving, at the midway point a sublime transformation takes place and the groove is ramped up a notch as the bassline drives on relentlessly. Rising synths fade through and take us up to the break where the synths weave out intricate melodies coupled with that fantastically constructed bass sequence. Definitely a track for the late night sessions due to the pure epicness within.

    The Voyager intros with a nice punchy kick and distant sounding percussion sequence. A sinister pad lurks behind as the drum arrangement gathers pace and is joined soon after by an expertly crafted bass pattern filled with cascading arp notes. A short break reveals a brilliant synth that fades out to leave us with a full on driving progressive groove. Bright melodic synth riffs enter the fray and take on a euphoric flavour that leave the hairs on your neck at attention. On the break the bass keeps the groove flowing before a wonderful synth lead delivers a huge build up filled with a massive riser like an oncoming swarm of bees and the crashes back into the main sound for the duration. Another epic fuelled prog monster here that will definitely turn a few heads.




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