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Cartago Nova EP

Cartago Nova EP

Label: Bonzai Basiks

Release date: 2017-07-24

Catalog number: BB2017188

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Cartago Nova War (Original Mix)
Abib Djinn
Cartago Nova War (Dub Mix)
Abib Djinn
Dirty Bull (Original Mix)
Abib Djinn
Mirages (Original Mix)
Abib Djinn

Abib Djinn debuts on Bonzai Basiks with the sublime Cartago Nova EP. Abib joins us from our sister label CZ where he has already enjoyed a couple of solid releases and an appearance at the Amsterdam Dance Event. He is a self confessed genie of dark techno vibes. He loves to create decadent dark atmospheres and hard parties. A wonderful up and coming talent with a lot to offer, this guy is most definitely one to watch for the future, most likely the dark side of the future.

First up we have the monstrous booming techno grooves of Cartago Nova War with its sublime pounding kick drums and sub level bass. Shuffling hi hats and percussion patterns provide a steady flowing rhythm as cool vocal snippets fleet by. Subtle synths lurk in the background as a single hypnotic note pokes through the raucous lower end frequencies. Full on and in your face, not to be missed.

The Cartago Nova War Dub delivers a solid gut busting techno slice much like the original. Pumping beats are overlaid with a sub level bass that gets right under your skin. A much darker, more sinister groove is evident with the Dub thanks to those powerful drums and shuddering basses which keep this one firmly in the underground where it will not disappoint.

Next up is the cleverly arranged Dirty Bull which is full to the brim with drums that layer effortlessly into a multi faceted rhythmic chorus of drums. A raw techno groove is the result which keeps us hooked for the duration. What seems chaotic is quite organised as you start to pick out intricate patterns that interlock perfectly with the next and the next and so on. Fantastic stuff that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

Mirages is a thunderous, pounding techno slice with a powerful kick drum driving the groove deeper into the underground. The kicks are accompanied by sharp hi hats and shuffling percussions to bring in a cool rhythmic flow. A sub shattering bass sits beautifully on the low end while surreal bells fill the spectrum to enhance the trip. Another fine example of raw unadulterated techno that is a definite must have.




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