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Can’t Forget You

Can’t Forget You

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-08-20

Catalog number: BP7802018

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Can't Forget You (Original Mix)
Can't Forget You (EANP Remix)
Chelakhov, EANP
Can't Forget You (Christian Monique Remix)
Chelakhov, Christian Monique
Can't Forget You (Esqpe Remix)
Chelakhov, Esqpe
Can't Forget You (Dub Mix)

We welcome experienced Russian DJ and producer Chelakhov to Bonzai Progressive with the superb debut slice Can’t Forget About You. Chelakhov has been churning out quality tracks since 2012 and during this time he found himself working alongside other notable artists and releasing on top labels such as Clinique Recordings BQ Recordings as well as a recent release on Vesta Records. He DJ’s regularly and his sets can be found on several radio stations including Progressive.Beats radio among others. Great to have this awesome talent on board.

The Original Mix boasts a rich and dynamic sound bringing the frequencies together in perfect cohesion. Bright melodic sounds greet us alongside tight, solid beats before a deep, probing bassline comes through to dominate. Mesmerizing vocals trickle through the groove, lighting up the scene while a series of cool sounds and FX fill out the background. The break introduces some very nice saw synths giving the track a boost before we get back to full on mode. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

EANP debuts here with a very nice remix to keep the floors moving. Hailing out of Buenos Aires, this DJ and producer duo aka Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca sure know how to get the groove going with their unique style and dynamic sound. Here on the remix we get a taste of just how good these guys are when it comes to creating mouth-watering prog house. A muted intro leads to a nice thumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat sequence. A deep rumbling bassline lurks which is contrasted with soft vocals and rich pads. Subtle melodies accompany the dark edged groove making this a must for the late-night sessions.

Prolific progressive house stalwart Christian Monique marks his Bonzai debut with this super remix. His passion for music was conveyed by his father and older brother who had a set of decks which drew his attention to music. Since that time, he has accomplished a great deal including multiple awards as well as hosting his own radio shows and releases on top labels around the world. The remix here opens with a nice chunky kick and hypnotic synths that seem to move effortlessly through the groove. Gritty bass stabs add texture as the beautiful vocal cuts through the murk. A deeper droning bass locks us in mesmerizing the senses with sublime note changes for maximum effect. A truly inspired slice that is a must have no doubt.

Esqpe aka Alexander Filatov delivers a fine remix for his first Bonzai outing. A relative newcomer, he started to produce in 2017 and has gained a great support base with top jocks showcasing his work, definitely one to watch for the future. Here the remix intros with a solid punchy kick drum alongside fading in arpeggios and teasing bass hits. Hypnotic notes cascade through the track as the vocal takes centre stage. A break starts with filtering synths that swell into a full-on synth sequence that fills the sound perfectly. A much deeper rendition that will keep the floors burning long into the night.

The Dub Mix lays down a solid trek into progressive house, stripping out the vocal to leave a superb musical journey that is not to be missed.




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