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Bonzai Progressive BP5892016 10 October, 2016

Based out of Miami Beach, Florida, Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Breathless which features two stunning remixes from Manu Riga and Rise and Fall. This guy has been churning out quality vibes for over 10 years and in that time he has turned his hand to many styles and genres. He focuses mainly on progressive house but you will find he can dish out top notch deep house, house and tech house with the same dedication and resulting quality. A very much revered artist by his peers, Stan inspires many to reach his standard. His back catalogue is mind blowing and he has appeared on many top rated labels over the years. Great to have him on board at BP and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future.

Stan’s Original Mix delivers a solid progressive vibe that we’ve come to expect from this talented artist. This time around he dishes out an oldskool vibe that will definitely grab the attention of many. Nice punchy kicks and shuffling hats lead the way as a probing bassline weaves in and out. Stabby synth notes fade up only to dissolve leaving us wanting more. The drums section remains tight with a complex percussion arrangement sending out a steady rhythmic flow. Another fine slice from this guy that is not to be missed.

Prolific Belgian artist Manu Riga is up first on remix duty delivering a full on dancefloor filler. After many years of mastering his own unique sounds, Manu Riga has taken a slight change of direction, exploring new sounds and ideas to get only the best music to the floors and beyond. We’ve come accustomed to his sound and while this one is new we can still find the Manu Riga magic within. Busy as ever, Adriaan is working on new material and remains a much sought after remixer. He is also busy with his Escape and Ethno Science radioshows. The remix opens with a very cool rhythmic vibe that intensifies as the track builds. Shuffling hats, chunky kicks and infectious percussion patterns will get the feet to the floors no doubt. Wonderfully warm basses wash over the track, inviting you in, while in the background diva-esque vocals ring out. On the break the track whittles down to a pulsing bass and swirling pads before the melody begins to rise once more taking us back into full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff once again that will not disappoint.

Russian based DJ and producer Anton Vishniakov aka Rise and Fall returns to Bonzai Progressive with his outstanding remix. This year (2016) has shaped up to be an important one for this guy, he’s delivered the goods consistently which is why he is very much in demand for remix duties. His reputation as a quality artist continues to grow and we’ve no doubt that this one will be grabbing a lot of attention. The remix opens with a nice solid kick drum which is joined soon after by crispy hi hats and a seriously low end bassline that bubble up from the depths. Up to some very cool female vocals add wonderful texture to the sound before the track hits the first break. Here the track opens up with the bass widening out and some fantastic stabbing synths coming through which takes us back into full swing. The synths combine beautifully with the groove and we find ourselves totally locked on. A definit