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    Bonzai & Friends 500 – Remixes

    Bonzai & Friends 500 – Remixes

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-06-27

    Catalog number: BP5002015R

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    Hiccup (East Cafe Remix)
    Phi Phi, East Cafe
    Minus Ten (Gai Barone Ode To That Night Remix)
    East Cafe, Gai Barone
    Sum Of Space feat. Alexandra Pride (Matan Caspi Remix)
    Matan Caspi, Alexey Lisin, Alexandra Pride
    Vega Shining (Satinka Remix)
    Airwave, Satinka
    The Dark Ranger (Audio Noir Odyssey)
    John 00 Fleming, Audio Noir
    Dreaming Of A Better World (Nico Parisi Remix)
    Nico Parisi, Thorin
    The Void (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
    Rick Pier O'Neil, Steve Sai
    Blue Twilight (Airwave Remix)
    Airwave, Alex Vidal
    Signal (Matt Holliday Remix)
    Rick Pier O'Neil, Matt Holliday
    Prizma (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
    Matt Holliday, Yuriy From Russia
    A Sense of Hope (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)
    Manu Riga, Alfonso Muchacho
    Looking Forward (Crocy Remix)
    Rise And Fall, Crocy
    Streets Of Budapest (AudioStorm Remix)
    Yuriy From Russia, AudioStorm
    Massandra (Dharmalogy Remix)
    Matan Caspi, Dharmalogy
    Numans Prayer (Alex Vidal Remix)
    Loquai, Alex Vidal
    I Will Forget All Bad Things (Manu Riga's Remember this Remix)
    Manu Riga, AudioStorm
    Bedroom Stories (Steve Sai Remix)
    Crocy, Steve Sai
    Darkosaur (Narel's Deep Hours Version)
    Narel, Alfonso Muchacho
    Two Faces (Manu Riga & Mimi Erotique Remix)
    Manu Riga, Platunoff, Mimi Erotique
    Sum Of Space feat. Alexandra Pride (Kevin Vega Remix)
    Kevin Vega, Alexey Lisin, Alexandra Pride

    Bonzai (Trance) Progressive continues its 500th release celebrations with 20 top notch tracks plucked from our Bonzai & Friends 500 compilation and given the remix treatment from top artists that have contributed so much to the label over the years. Airwave, Manu Riga, Gai Barone, Phi Phi, Audio Noir, Matt Holliday Rick Pier O’Neil, John 00 Fleming, Crocy, AudioStorm, Satinka and many more are on hand to take us on a journey deep into the progressive sound and beyond. We think you’ll agree that this is the perfect way to compliment, not only the artists but the label and add to the continuing legacy of Bonzai Progressive.




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