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    Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1)

    Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1)

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-01-20

    Catalog number: BP9082020

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    Boccaccio Life (Original Mix)
    PCP, Olivier Pieters
    Boccaccio Life (Seth Vogt Remix)
    Seth Vogt, PCP, Olivier Pieters

    Olivier Pieters and PCP debut on Bonzai Progressive on a trip down memory lane with the superb Boccaccio Life (Chapter 1). Olivier Pieters is Boccaccio’s most famous Sunday resident’s which he held from the late 80’s until the closure of the venue. He has been responsible for some top tracks also over the years, with releases on R&S, Music Man and several other top labels. He’s also credited with work on Bonzai tracks including Insider’s Boots On The Run and Trial Bells. A legend in our midst and we’re delighted to have him here with a tribute to one of Belgium’s most cherished institutions. PCP aka Pieter Claeys is another oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status. While Olivier was ripping it up at Boccaccio, Pieter was destroying the roof at Balmoral (and still is), another famous Belgian dance music utopia. He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). Over the last several years, he’s released a raft of tracks on various labels, including his own, Rewritable Records. Great to have him join the ranks at BP.

    The Original Mix offers a delicious, retro laden tech house joint. Strong, pumping beats sit over a warm pulsing bassline that commands the dancefloor while shuffling percussions strike up smooth rhythms. An air of intensity lurks as sharp, in-your-face ‘c’mon’ vocal samples cut through the atmosphere like a knife. A proper head down, feet shuffling and fists pumping groove that will delight the many fans of Boccaccio and beyond.

    Seth Vogt returns to BP on remix duties and the envious task of bringing the Boccaccio to life in 2020. Florida based Seth has been producing dance music professionally since 1996 and has done remixes for many underground acts as well as being commissioned for remixes by household names such as The Script, Korn, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Trina and more. His last outing for us, Living For The Sound EP, proved very popular indeed and we’ve no doubt this remix will follow suit. He is the owner of M-Toxin Recordings and has over 200 professional releases on several labels. He has been a resident DJ for HouseFlyz club nights in downtown Orlando for over 8 years, has played the main stage for both Future Sound of Breaks and Dog Eat Dog Records events consecutively during the Winter Music Conference in Miami for the past couple of years. On the remix here, Seth opts to take us on a smooth, deep and lush progressive journey. Right from the off the warmth envelops the soul as soft, rounded kick drums lead crispy hats and layered percussions. Swelling bas pads add intrigue before a rich, moving bassline takes over. Melodic pads fade up adding texture and colour alongside distant vocal shots. Emotive note changes keep us locked in for the duration, making this an absolute must have.




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