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Black Sun

Black Sun

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-11-26

Catalog number: BP8062018

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Black Sun (Original Mix)
Gypsy Queen (Original Mix)
Blurred Sky (Original Mix)

Matti joins us at Bonzai Progressive with a superb debut slice titled Black Sun. A relative new comer to the scene, Matti aka Turkish artist Ozgun Yasar Bakir started getting into to music in his secondary school years, with encouragement from his family. He began playing guitar for local folk and blues groups in his hometown. Soon after he got into electronic music and from here, he honed his skills, creating his own unique sound. This three tracker will certainly gain a lot of attention due to the quality production on offer and, we hope to see more from this hugely talented artist in the future.

Black Sun is a wonderfully rich and deep slice of progressive house. Chunky beats and a powerful probing bassline drive the groove as ethnic flavoured synths and melodies permeate through the sound to great effect. An air of tension can be found in the track which gives it a captivating appeal and will most definitely be a welcome addition in many sets.

Gypsy Queen takes us on a trippy ride deep into progressive house. A punchy kick drum and shuffling hi hat combo leads the way as a series of quirky sounds converge, coming together in a beautifully crafted, chilling sequence. On the break we’re drawn deeper as brash chords and sci-fi layers contrast with surreal melodies. An excellent cut that will not disappoint.

Blurred Sky gest right up in your face from the get go as punchy kick drums and a powerful, plucky bassline gets the groove moving. A real mover here that builds nicely with an undulating rhythmic sequence at its core. Cosmic melodies fade in to go up against the grittier parts and creating a wonderfully contrasting scene. A definite must have for the late-night session.




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