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    Black Sea Horizons EP

    Black Sea Horizons EP

    Label: Bonzai Elemental

    Release date: 2017-11-20

    Catalog number: EM2017153

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    Black Sea Horizons (Ancient Culture's 2000 Del Mar Mix)
    Alexandru Florea, Ancient Culture
    Close Enough (Erotica Mix)
    Alexandru Florea

    Alexandru Florea returns to Bonzai Elemental with the surreal Black Sea Horizons EP. In the mid to late 90’s, no internet and no social media in a small town, it seemed there was little prospects. Through childhood Alexandru felt electronic music was beyond his reach. He had to wait weeks on getting the newest releases he heard on the radio, but it was worth it. He was able to appreciate the music so much more and found great respect for the artists who locked themselves away creating a sound he loved. At the age of 15 he took piano lessons for three years and slowly started to compose and produce his own songs. 9 years ago he sent a demo to Bonzai Elemental and found satisfaction in getting a release. He started to appear on many chillout compilations alongside top artists in the scene. Now, after a bit of a hiatus he is back to playing around with hardware, experimenting, recording and enjoying making music once again.

    Black Sea Horizons – Ancient Culture’s 2000 Del Mar Mix intros with a beautifully serene atmospheric sequence filled with soft lapping waves, delicate melodies and a rich swarming pad. The pads rise from the depths and are met with euphoria as they clash with higher frequencies. Subtle drums lurk in the background as the structure of the track tightens up. A simply wonderful display of chilled out sounds for lazy evenings by the fireside.

    Close Enough – Erotica Mix comes into being with a striking piano sequence which sits over a deep rising pad and subtle atmospheric FX. A soft pluck grabs your attention before a cool drum pattern comes through that will get the toes tapping. An array of well crafted synths layer up adding a real dynamic to the sound. The perfect way to wind down a hard days work.




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