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    Belisha Beacon

    Belisha Beacon

    Label: Progrez

    Release date: 2015-08-31

    Catalog number: PRG2015120

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    Belisha Beacon (Original Mix)
    Belisha Beacon (Kevin Vega Remix)
    Kevin Vega, A.R.E.S

    Argentine DJ and producer Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S. debuts on Progrez with the stunning Belisha Beacon. Ariel’s love for music began after listening to Grunge Rock and the many bands that lie in that genre. He played in his own band for a number of years, before they set their sights on a more electronically fused sound. Since 2011, after starting to produce his own works under the A.R.E.S. guise, he released tracks on Balkan Connection S.A, Green Snake Records, Massive Harmonys, Ambber Records and Entangled. During this time he also put in some live shows before he edits his first album, Truth Be Told with 8 original tracks under the Ambber label.

    Belisha Beacon takes on a deep and grooving progressive persona right from the get go as muted kicks are joined by a superb deep droning bass with a sprinkling of cascading arps. The kickdrums get a nice punchy boost ass the percussion layers build giving off a cool rhythmic flow. You can find very subtle psy element creep into the sound with the construction of the synth layers and the energizing bassline. A serious contender no doubt and a track that will definitely grab the attention of many, one to watch here.

    Our very own Kevin Vega shows up on remix duty and delivers another super cut for our pleasure. He gave us The Gambler back in April 2015 which saw great support from all quarters which is a testament to the expertly crafted sounds he churns out. The remix intros with a wonderful chunky bass with atmospheric FX and percussions going off in the background. At the forefront a fantastic bass takes over with deep probing prowess. The drum section continues to build and adds a shuffling groove to the rhythm which is brought to prominence by hypnotic shakers and tight patterns. Surreal synths give off a mysterious vibe that plays beautifully into the nature of the track, dark and moody. A fine slice of prog to get the juices flowing.




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