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    Become A Dancer

    Become A Dancer

    Label: After Dark Records

    Release date: 2019-11-18

    Catalog number: AD2019006

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    Become A Dancer (Original Mix)

    Dany Van Der Rieten aka DJ Steel heads up our next After Dark outing with the oldskool hardcore-breakbeat inspired Become A Dancer. Dany is a veteran of the Bonzai posse having released tracks under Batteries Not Included with Roel Butzen, D-Bedroom Visitors with Stefan Melis (Bountyhunter) on UVM as well as a few cuts on sub-labels from back in the day. Dany joins forces on the decks with Steve Cop using his DJ Steel persona and they are regular artists on Bonzai’s party and festival line-ups. He recently joined Steve and CJ Bolland as O.R.B. who opened the flood gates of retro-infused techno beats with the launch of After Dark. Great to see him flying solo, we’ve no doubt that this one is gonna do some serious damage on the floors.

    Become A Dancer opens with a wonderful classic gated vox to the backdrop of rhythmic breakbeat in a hardcore style. A catchy vocal litters the sound as trance-like pads take us higher before the track breaks, getting ready for the main event. The track moves into harder territory with a fantastic, familiar rave stab backed with a thumping techno kick drum and layered percussions. That dreamy vox returns alongside rich pads, offering a contrasting, dynamic groove while the kicks begin to fade in, taking us back into full-on rave mode. A stomper and an absolute must have.




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