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Beauty Of The Andes

Bonzai Progressive BP9342020 27 April, 2020

Fresh off the back of his superb remix for Santini & Quatretemps’ Powder, Podgorica based DJ, producer AudioStorm is back with the fantastic Beauty Of The Andes. Known for his in-depth and luxurious deeper tones, he is never one to disappoint, AudioStorm has been on the top of his game for quite a while now. He’s shown relentless form for us over the last several years with a very impressive release count covering original and remix works. Always a pleasure to have him show up with new material and long may it continue.

First up, we have the title track, Beauty Of The Andes. We’re lured in to the groove with a smooth flowing drum arrangement which is joined by cascading arpeggios and swirling pads which create a welcoming atmosphere. A deep, lush bass drops in adding depth and a satisfyingly thick sound. The layers stack up beautifully, revealing a coherent array of arpeggio and gated sequences. The break throws up a mesmeric melody that takes us higher before those chunky beats and smooth basses return for the duration. A solid slice that will be a welcome addition in any proper progressive set.

Gigapixel Picture goes deeper, with a more hypnotic trait thanks to tightly constructed drums and rhythmic percussions. Delicate melodies trickle down, laced with super sweet flavours as more intense pads create a dynamic atmosphere. Deep, fulfilling bass drones occupy the low end as the groove deepens, taking us into the abyss. The break reveals a much wider sound with an almost cinematic vibe, but is the perfect release from the darker tones. An absolute stomper of a track that is not to be missed.