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Bassone UK

Bassone UK

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-05-15

Catalog number: PR2017314

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Bassone UK (Original Mix)
Pierpaolo Pierotti, Mirko Gorelli
Pump The Bass (Original Mix)
Pierpaolo Pierotti, Mirko Gorelli

Italian DJ and producer Mirko Gorelli is back at Piston and is joined by fellow country-man, DJ and producer Pierpaolo Pierotti on the superb Bassone UK which is backed with Pump Up The Bass. Mirko’s last outing was back in 2016 with Travel which proved popular among many. Delighted to see him back at Piston as we just love what this guy does with music. Pierpaolo Pierotti spent his adolescence listening to house music between clubs and music cassettes. His journey begins as P.R. and event organizer leading him to work with some of the best Italian clubs including Aqva Discovillage Numana, ECU Rimini, Syncopate and Prince Riccione.

Bassone UK intros with cool classic style pumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi. Sharp claps and sporadic snares add movement to the rhythm getting us right into dancefloor mode. A prominent deep throbbing bassline comes through to dominate the groove before the track breaks to reveal remnants of oldskool drum and bass sounds. The synths are simply outstanding here and they capture the essence of house music in tech format. A top notch slice that is not to be missed.

Pump The Bass is the perfect title for this one, right from the off you know the bass is gonna get pumped as a tight drum section takes us up to a short break before the inevitable bass pumping begins. The track is elevated to classic status instantly thanks to the use of a much loved acapella from 1988 that fits so perfectly into this contemporary groove, gimme a phat beat, anyone. Swelling chords accompany the vocal adding richness to the sound making this an absolute must have track for any party set.




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