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Back To Nature

Piston Recordings PR2016275 19 December, 2016

Bonetti returns to Piston Recordings with another fine slice of deep house goodness in the form of Back To Nature. Since Bonetti’s last Piston outing – Pumping Pumping, he has scored several top notch cuts that have impressed many. Great to see this guy back once again and hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the near future.

The Original Mix kicks us off with a nicely flowing rhythmic kick drum, hi hat and percussion combi. Funky guitar licks are filtered in alongside catchy club style diva vocals creating the perfect dancefloor bomb. a Smooth and groovy bassline adds a superb depth to the sound as we relish in the funky disco vibes. Top notch stuff that will most definitely not disappoint.

On Funky Main Mix we’re treated to slightly more dubby impression of the original with a focus squarely on the funky elements. Those filtered guitars ring through the sound and compliment the cool vocals nicely while a deeper more edgy bassline shores up the low end. A definite dancefloor weapon that will find its way into many sets for sure.