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Back In Time

Bonzai Progressive BP9292020 6 April, 2020

One of our most prolific artists, Karim S, returns with another stomper for our listening pleasure in the form of his techno infused Back In Time which, comes packed with three stand out remixes. It’s been a while since his last effort here with Indian Summer alongside Lounasan, but he always delivers the goods when called upon. Having started his musical career in the 90’s, Karim is well placed to bring back some memories of the scene, going ‘back in time’ to get a flavour of the sound. This one is special, delivering a cool retro sound with a contemporary edge, not to be missed.

The Original Mix is a wonderful throwback to the early 90’s techno rave sound. Instantly recognisable synth stabs are the main focus, wrapped up in twisted FX and driven by a modern techno groove. The drums are thumping, led by a solid kick with rhythmic hats and shuffling percussions over a deep, rumbling bassline. The perfect fodder for the club or arena that will not disappoint.

After his debut alongside Olivier Pieters and their Boccaccio Life and the solo follow up with Reaching Out, PCP aka Pieter Claeys returns to BP on remix duties. An oldskool jock who is considered with legendary status, Pieter was busy in the 90’s destroying the roof of the famous Belgian dance music utopia, Balmoral (and still is). He also held a long-term residency at The Temple (formerly Boccaccio). The perfect candidate to give this nostalgic slice a makeover. On the remix, Pieter dishes out a chunky kick drum over a bright and crispy hi hat sequence, while a deep, probing bassline gets the groove moving. Those classic stabs make an appearance in filtered form, adding just a little bit of intrigue to this solid techno joint. A definite must have.

Ewan Rill aka DJ, producer Ivan Romanovskii steps up on the remix, providing a more contemporary, progressive twist on Karim’s trek back to the good old days. No stranger to these shores, Ewan’s last outing, alongside K Loveski and their Ametino EP, proved popular and is testament to the quality he always delivers. Here, Ewan takes the original and transforms it into a plush, progressive offering that draws you in from the outset. An exotic drum section leads a mesmerizing arpeggiated synth line, swirling pads and probing bass, resulting in a beautifully crafted slice that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Night Shift Master aka Vlad Medvedev is up next on the remix returning to BP fresh off his last release with us, Space Motion along with Stradivalli back towards the end of 2019. Vlad is notching up quite an impressive release count with us, and every new effort shows us just how much talent he has. Never on to disappoint, always a pleasure to have him here. The remix takes us deep into progressive as faint hints of those piercing techno stabs creep in to the sound. The groove builds anticipation, with a lush, warm central theme which creates a dystopian atmosphere. A superb cut that is not to be missed.