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Bonzai Progressive BP5742016 8 August, 2016

Bonzai stalwart Nico Parisi is back with another of his beautifully refined progressive cuts. Attica follows his last cut – Children Of Africa – and features three top notch remixes from Gai Barone, Robert R. Hardy and Rise and Fall. He also recently showed up for remix duties himself on AudioStorm’s Underground Culture, and we’re delighted that he continues to offer only the finest quality sounds. Nico remains a solid figure on the DJing front, he certainly gets around and is a solid figure at many festivals and club venues.

If you’re after smooth progressive grooves then the Original Mix is for you. Right from the off you can feel the sound glide along with polished edges that are quite inviting. The track goes deep courtesy of a bassy percussion that is accompanied by a more gritty bassline while hypnotic and melodic arps remain a constant throughout. On the break those melodies lead the way against a fine display of deep basses before the nice and chunky kicks take us back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Super talented progressive guru Gai Barone steps up to the remix plate with his Blue Notes Remix. Once again we are witness to the sheer quality this guy continues to offer. His last outing on Bonzai was on our Bonzai & Friends – 500 – Remixes release, which to our delight has performed very well indeed thanks to artists like Gai. Much revered among his peers this guy toils hard bringing us only the very best sounds and no doubt he will be back to Bonzai at some point in the future, all we can say is, he’s always welcome. The remix turns up the heat a little and gets right into a fine flowing progressive slice from the outset. Tight drums and percussions deliver a cool rhythmic flow as deep basses fade in. In the background a static arp pays homage to the original while a much grittier bass starts to creep in. At the midway point the sound dynamic shifts to include a stunning sequence filled with mismatched keys that send out an almost chaotic vibe while retaining the progressive groove. A stunner for sure, this one is a definite must have.

Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties. His last outing came back in May 2015 with a fine remix on K.Oshkin’s Assol. Prior to this he has shown up on various compilations for Green Martian. A hugely popular artist on the scene and one we’re delighted to welcome back. On the remix here we’re treated to some very nice progressive vibes indeed as a much moodier sound is delivered. Chunky kick drums lead the way alongside bright, crispy and shuffling hi hats with a tight percussion section adding to the smooth rhythms. The big focus is on the basses, they dominate the sound perfectly and they’re matched with some equally impressive synths that mesmerize with every note. Wonderfully atmospheric deep prog grooves for those late night sessions.

Rise And Fall is back with another of his outstanding remix contributions. A very popular Bonzai artist, this guy has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue in just a few short years at BP. His original works are consistently high quality and gain the support of many, much like his remix work. His last outing – Genetic – fea