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    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2013-06-10

    Catalog number: BP2902013

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    Assault feat. Nikkie (Extended Original Mix)
    Zolex, Nikkie
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Soren Aalberg's Vocal Remix)
    Zolex, Soren Aalberg, Nikkie
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Soren Aalberg's Add Lips Remix)
    Zolex, Nikkie, Soren Aalberg
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Guss Carver Remix)
    Zolex, Nikkie, Guss Carver
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Jean Delaru & DJ Philip Dubbel XX Remix)
    Zolex, Nikkie, DJ Philip, Jean Delaru
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Nocturno Remix)
    Zolex, Nikkie, Nocturno
    Assault feat. Nikkie (Short Cut)
    Zolex, Nikkie

    Zolex aka Frank Struyf returns to Bonzai with “Assault” and is backed up with a slew of quality remixes. The vocals come courtesy of Nikkie aka Jade 4 U who had great success with many projects notably Praga Khan. Frank gained notoriety with his Zolex project back in the nineties under Bonzai Records and through his many residencies in Belgium’s top clubs. He went on to create his own Zolex Records with many successful releases. Frank is still very much in demand for his DJ skills and now also for his production skills, we are sure to see a lot more from this man.

    The original mix intros with a very ethnic guitar theme before the very unique vocal comes through. Super solid drum arrangements build up a steady rhythm and the track takes on an almost Indie rock vibe which breaks down into a strong progressive groove. The kick and percussion section drive through with Nikkie’s vocal becoming much more powerful and raw. What a great comeback from Frank, sure to be a big hit with jocks everywhere.

    Danish producer Soren Aalberg is first up to remix duties. Soren has seen releases on Bedrock Records, Mindtrip Music and more, his sounds have been played by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Len Faki. Here Soren takes the track to its basics with a minimal approach, much deeper vibe on the bass and chunky kicks and brilliantly crafted percussion. A sinister sounding string fades through while Nikkie’s vocal is used to perfection to round of a top class remix.

    Soren also provides us with his Add Lips remix which takes on a clubby vibe, cool, crisp and sharp hats are prominent and the kicks add a nice thump. Deep basses are accompanied by an intense fading in string that builds the track up to a climax superbly, big big tune for the floors!

    Guss Carver is up next with his remix. Guss has been producing since the nineties and seen many releases across a host of quality labels. He produces many different genres as he loves all dance music and he has his own label called Hypnocat. Guss’s remix entrees with a nice solid kick, hat, snare combi over a deep droning bassline. On the break a rising synth thunders into a stunning hook while the vocal is perfectly slotted in at all the right places, just brilliant.

    Belgian DJ and production duo Jean Delaru & DJ Philip swing by with their Dubbel XX remix. Both these guys hold residencies at some of Belgiums top rated clubs. Jean has seen releases on a few labels while DJ Philip would be considered a veteran on the scene with releases as far back as 1997 on labels like XTC – Music For The Mind, Tripomatic and Black Hole Recordings. The remix intros with subtle percs which soon build up to a pumping groove. As the track progresses the sweeping bassline adds depth with the reverbed vocal adding extra weight. On the break a real cool melody pans out before we get right back to that powerful bassline and tough groove.

    Heading deeper into prog with Nocturno and his remix. Superb bass’s intro this track with FX work helping to build up the sound to an all out progressive monster. The kick and bass combi forms most of the track and keeps the deep vibe flowing throughout. On the break a simple melody transforms the setting and the bassline morphs into a hypnotic groove with Nikkie’s vocal holding everything in place, seriously tough tune that will be on many lists for sure.

    Finally we have a short version of the original mix which would be perfect for a radio slot.




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