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    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2016-09-12

    Catalog number: PR2016248

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    Ascidians (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Thaliacea (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia

    Italian producer Marco Madia returns to Piston with another top notch two tracker entitled Ascidian. Marco has been in and around the underground scene for a number of years. In 2006 he moved to Berlin where he got a degree audio engineering and soon started work as a sound designer. He also produces under the pseudonym Flip Morton and his experience has led to working on film soundtracks and exhibitions. This one is Marco’s sixth Piston release and we’ve become accustomed to his quality, something we look forward to hearing more of in the future.

    Ascidians takes us deep into the house sound right from the off as muted kicks are joined by dark sounds that rise up from the depths. The kicks get boosted to pounding status and we’re on our way. A deep rumbling bass shores up the low end while warm chords are stabbed into the groove. Throughout the track you continue to find little nuanced sounds that add some wonderful textures to this almost primordial sound that gets you right in the soul. Superb stuff.

    Thaliace is a beautifully constructed slice of Summery deep house vibes that would be perfectly at home on a sunkissed terrace just before Sunset. A smooth deep groove is prevalent throughout and it’s filled with warming, lush basses and wonderfully melodic synths. The hypnotic nature will keep you locked on for the duration making this an absolute must have track in your arsenal.




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