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    As Clear As Dream

    As Clear As Dream

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2018-05-07

    Catalog number: BP7552018

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    As Clear As Dream (Original Mix)
    As Clear As Dream (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)
    Rick Pier O'Neil, Koschk

    Continuing a run of super fine progressive slices, Koschk returns to Bonzai Progressive with his As Clear As Dream which is backed up by a stellar remix from Rick Pier O’Neil. Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun started his online radio show Catalepsy in 2010, which ran for 5 years. Over those years, he grabbed the attention of many top jocks like Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold and his tracks appeared on many labels around the globe, until Cygnus got a notable release on PVD’s Vandit Records. He then decided to explore new horizons with his sound by debuting on BP in November 2015. After several remixes and appearances on our compilations, he began to deliver top notch original works which always grab a lot of attention. Nice to see him back again and no doubt we’ll see more in the future.

    The Original Mix intros with a cool bass arpeggio which is joined by layering percussions and a muted kick drum. The intro builds and builds to a nice chunky kick drum and deep probing bassline combi, becoming the driving force of the groove. Various arps create a kaleidoscope of sound that mesmerizes while the main lead dishes out an Eastern flavour. A top notch slice and a must have no doubt.

    Rick Pier O’Neil never disappoints with his unique brand of progressive vibes. Revered by many as a champion within the genre, he has delivered a plethora of top notch cuts to Bonzai and others throughout the years. We last saw him at BP alongside Chris Gavin with their Lost Elements which saw great support at the start of 2018. Here he provides a solid remix in his envious style with the track boasting an intro made up of a blend of percussions and a subtle bass. Thick chunky kick drums take over a much deeper, probing bassline takes charge. The percussion section hypnotizes as the layers build making this the perfect fodder for the peak time set. Subtle melodies ease into the track and on the break a rich pad sequence is joined by those dark probing basses before the beats return for the duration. A superb effort that will not disappoint.




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