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Aqua Park EP

Piston Recordings PR2016259 24 October, 2016

Rubba J aka Jan Costermans hits us up with his third Piston release entitled Aqua Park. His previous outings – The Next and The Art Of Doing Nothing – both hit the mark and gained some great support. Having honed his skills using a drum machine and a guitar, Rubba J’s unique signature style consists of quality drum patterns and groovy synths and basses all rolled up into smooth deep house sounds. Great to see him back once again.

Aqua Park kicks off this superb three tracker and we get a real taste of this guy’s diverse style with a wonderfully deep house groove. The drum sequences alone will keep you hooked as they etch out intricate patterns and keep the rhythm flowing. The bass is powerful, it probes into every orifice of the track bringing a groovy warmth to the sound. The track is given character with an injection of cool FX and deeper sounds. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

The Path To The Ear intros with a fantastic punchy bass stab in tandem with a very cool synth that delivers a smooth deep house vibe. Chunky kick drums and shuffling hats soon join in and we find ourselves dancing along to the groove. Cool vocals are scattered throughout adding that little extra bit of spice to the sound, bringing the deeper elements together beautifully. Get this one in your box, excellent stuff.

Play With Me opens with a nice punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat combi alongside cool building percussions that get the rhythm on the move. Melodic deep house chords burst through with a teasing funky groove that will surely get the floors moving. A bouncing bassline comes in and gels the sound brilliantly as we get lost in the groove. This one has a lot going on and a combination of loungey elements and some infectious house keys make it a definite must have.