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Ambient Selection

Bonzai Elemental EM2017150 7 August, 2017

It’s been a while since we treated you to some chilled out sounds from Bonzai Elemental so we dug into the archives to bring you the very best from Finnish producer, DJ and remixer Miika Kuisma. Most of Miika’s works found their home on our Subtraxx imprint as well as a few on Progrez, Bonzai Elemental and Joof. Here, we’ve selected 10 beautifully crafted cuts that will take you on an inner journey leaving you fulfilled and open minded. Ambient is something Miika does very well, he has been heavily influenced by some of electronics greats, notably Cosmic Baby, Jam & Spoon, Jarre and the early days of Eye-Q. His usual style is that of progressive melodic trance, not too deep and not cheesy. Miika is big into technology and philosophy and it is that mind that creates awesome soundscapes for our ears. So sit back and relax to these beautiful sounds.