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All Along EP

Bonzai Progressive BP5762016 15 August, 2016

Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic All Along EP. Stan enjoyed great support on his BP debut – Forsaken EP- back in April 2016, prior to this he had appeared on several compilations from Bonzai. We’re delighted he’s back for another run and hope to see much more in the future.

All Along epitomises the summer sound with its upbeat drums and shuffling hats alongside rising arp melodies and cool FX. The icing on the cake though is that monster bass drone that captures the essence of the groove beautifully while a cool mixture of female and male vocals create a diva like vibe. The track just oozes dance appeal and no doubt the floors are gonna love this one.

Keep On Rising comes in two flavours – Original and Dub. Both tracks dish out the same level of tech with the original delivering a brilliant retro vocal that will be instantly recognisable to many. Chunky kicks and bright crispy hats make up a solid rhythm for the track to flow while cool synths litter the sound. A powerful probing bassline is the big player here though as it dominates the groove. The vocal also stands out and will give you something to sing along to while getting your groove on. A wonderfully crafted slice that is a definite must have track in your arsenal. The equally inviting Dub mix is for those who want to lose the vocal and focus on the purer side of the track.