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    Afterhour Trax 22

    Afterhour Trax 22

    Label: Green Martian

    Release date: 2017-08-07

    Catalog number: MWCD2017511

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    Amber Sky (Basil O'Glue Remix)
    Airwave, Basil O'Glue
    Ipanema (Original Mix)
    Paul Angelo, Don Argento
    Indigo (Matan Caspi Remix)
    Matan Caspi, Iga Dep
    Primavera (Nico Parisi Remix)
    Nico Parisi, Platunoff
    Breathless (Original Mix)
    Stan Kolev
    Don't Stop Me Now (Original Mix)
    Manu Riga
    Distant Muse (Original Mix)
    Matan Caspi
    Lethal Engine (Original Mix)
    You'll Never Know Why (Manu Riga's DeepTech Mix)
    Manu Riga, A.Eryomin
    Lunar (Original Mix)
    Neptun 505
    Some Seeds Of Love (Original Mix)
    Bob the Groove
    Northern Dawn (Original Mix)
    Concrete Waves
    Cosmos (Original Mix)
    Simple Pleasure (Bob The Groove Remix)
    Cryss, Bob the Groove
    Legacy (Original Mix)
    Temporarily Unknown
    Momento (Original Mix)
    JoC H
    Hypnagogia (Original Mix)
    Giorgio Phoenix
    Illusionize (Original Mix)
    George Ellinas
    Carpathians (Original Mix)
    Gabriel West, Ricardo Piedra
    We Are All Equal (Original Mix)
    Experimental Feelings

    Afterhour Trax is back with another progressively charged compilation featuring 20 of the hottest cuts to come out of the Bonzai stable in the last few months. For Afterhour Trax 22 we’ve pushed the boat out yet again and selected the very best gems for your listening pleasure. Tracks and remixes from artists such as Airwave, Paul Angelo & Don Argento, Basil O’Glue, Nico Parisi, Manu Riga, Matan Caspi, Neptun 505, Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra, Concrete Waves, AudioStorm, Bob The Groove and Joc H among others are all on hand to provide you with the weapons required to destroy the floors. Some serious head turners here, a definite must for your arsenal.




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