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Afterhour Trax 18

Afterhour Trax 18

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2015-12-07

Catalog number: MWCD2015488

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Seismic Activity (Manu Riga's Atomic Remix)
Manu Riga, AudioStorm
The Fallen (Original Mix)
Manu Riga
Hydra (Original Mix)
Mesmerized (Original Mix)
Alex Vidal
Drops (Acud Remix)
Steve Sai, Acud
Memories Of Yesterday (Another Audio Noir Odyssey)
Audio Noir, Matt Holliday
Release (Original Mix)
Andrew Michael
Casablanca (Altek Remix)
Chantola, Altek
Mind feat. Ashley Berndt (Original Mix)
Crocy, Ashley Berndt
Be As One (Config's Twisted Reality)
Config, Jakhira
Shadows (Cartos Remix)
BERBUSH, Kotobuki, Cartos
Vesna (Zatonsky Remix)
Ange, Zatonsky, Alexey Lisin
When Worlds Collide (Original Mix)
Manu Riga, Alex Vidal
Alone (Original Mix)
Phi Phi
Revolve (Original Mix)
Feeling Alive feat. Selina Stoane (Experimental Feelings Remix)
Experimental Feelings, Selina Stoane, PAVLIN PETROV
Love (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
Audio Noir, Yuriy From Russia
Cacaooh (Original Mix)
Nico Parisi
Midnight Pinball (Following Light Remix)
Samotarev, Following Light
The Workout Song (Original Mix)
Paul Kardos

Afterhour Trax 18 takes us deep into the progressive abyss with 20 fresh new cuts to lead the way. Heading up this quality pack we have some of the very best progressive house productions, including tracks and remixes from Manu Riga, AudioStorm, Dofamine, Alex Vidal, Steve Sai, Acud, Matt Holliday, Audio Noir, Andrew Michael, Chantola, Altek, Crocy ft Ashley Berndt, Jakhira, Config, Berbush, Cartos, Alexey Lisin ft Ange, Alex Vidal, Zatonsky, Phi Phi, Dharmology, Pavlin Petrov ft Selina Stoane, Experimental Feelings, Yuriy From Russia, Nico Parisi, Smotarev, Following Light and Paul Kardos. A fine selection no doubt and just the perfect addition to your playlist.




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