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    Afterhour Trax 15

    Afterhour Trax 15

    Label: Green Martian

    Release date: 2015-02-23

    Catalog number: MWCD2015473

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    Carre (Monojoke Remix)
    Monojoke, Airwave
    Joey.L (Alex Vidal Remix)
    Alex Vidal, Tfc
    The Path (Original Mix)
    Despina (Original Mix)
    Alfonso Muchacho
    La Polaris (21 Street Remix)
    21street, Audio Noir
    Summer Rain (Ewan Rill Remix)
    Ewan Rill, Greenage, Alex Vidal
    Vanilla (Loquai Remix)
    Loquai, Airwave, Phi Phi
    Gasparyan (Original Mix)
    La Tristeza (Original Mix)
    Napalm, d-phrag
    Broken (Original Mix)
    One Man Groove
    Fire In Your Eyes (Kintar Remix)
    Kintar, Moshic
    My Paradise (David Duque Remix)
    David Duque, Diego Ferran
    Life Begins (Manu Riga's Progrezz Remix)
    Manu Riga, Mendexx
    Nature Voice (Michael A Remix)
    Michael A, Simos Tagias, Billy Alex
    Pieces Of A Dream (Original Mix)
    Alex Vidal
    No Time Left (Original Mix)
    DJ Fire, Manu Riga
    Fever City (Original Mix)
    Progress Inn
    Secrets (Mark Found Vision Remix)
    Mark Found, Thorin
    Carnatic (Original Mix)
    Closure (Original Mix)
    SeamLess Beat

    Our Afterhour Trax compilation series continues its dominance of the progressive world with instalment number 15. Set your mind to be invaded by some of the very best progressive house grooves around from highly regarded labels including Bonzai Progressive, Sudam, Mistique Music and Green Martian. The artist roster for this edition features artists at the top of their game including the likes of, Airwave, Monojoke, TFC, Alex Vidal, Kintar, Alfonso Muchacho, Audio Noir, 21Street, Greenage,+Ewan Rill, Phi Phi, Loquai, Mathov, Napalm & Dphrag, One Man Groove, Moshic, Diego Ferran, David Duque, Mendexx, Manu Riga, Simos Tagias & Billy Alex, Michael A, Dj Fire, Progress Inn, Thorin, Mark Found, Emlab and Seamless Beat. Get your groove on with these top notch cuts, we promise you will not be disappointed.




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