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Afterhour Trax 14

Green Martian MWCD2014466 24 November, 2014

  • Particles Of Love (Mathov Remix)

    Airwave, Astropilot, Mathov

  • Skyhouse (Moshic Remix)

    Moshic, Loquai

  • Napoli By Night (Lonely Sun & Nicolas Agudelo Remix)

    Nico Parisi, Nicolas Agudelo, Lonely Sun

  • Domino Effect (Original Mix)

    Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan

  • Pieces Of A Dream (Original Mix)

    Alex Vidal

  • Far From Light Pollution (Original Mix)


  • Should Run In Unity (Original Mix)


  • Floating (Original Mix)


  • Baku (Horizons Morning Sun Mix)


  • Shadow Of Life (Original Mix)

    Manu Riga

  • Subtle Nature (Original Mix)

    Blue Haze

  • Oriental Breeze (Original Mix)

    Louis Desero

  • Stardust (Alex Vidal Remix)

    Deep Fog, Alex Vidal

  • Stardust (Original Mix)

    Steve Sai

  • Late At Night (Original Mix)


  • We Follow In Heat (Monojoke Remix)

    Monojoke, Reflection Soul

  • Brooklyn Xpress (Alex Vidal Remix)

    Audio Noir, Alex Vidal

  • Garden Ring (Original Mix)

    Alexander Saykov

  • Voice Of Angels (Original Mix)

    Robert R. Hardy

  • Lucid (Original Mix)

    Subconscious Tales

Afterhour Trax is now in its 14th instalment and continues to deliver the finest collection of the deepest progressive grooves around. 20 carefully selected essential cuts from 6 top rated labels including Bonzai Progressive, Mistique Music, Green Martian, JOOF and Kunai are the perfect recipe for extending your party well into the small hours and beyond.

Original works and remixes from artists like Airwave, Astropilot, Loquai, Mathov, Nico Parisi, Lonely Sun, Nicolas Agudelo, Alex Vidal, Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Darkployers, Moshic, Frangellico, Horizons, Manu Riga, Blue Haze, Louis Desero, Deep Fog, Steve Sai, Namatjira, Reflection Soul, Audio Noir, Monojoke, Alexander Saykov, Robert R Hardy and Subconscious Tales are all on hand to keep your party rocking.