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A Few Girls EP

A Few Girls EP

Label: Bonzai Basiks

Release date: 2015-08-17

Catalog number: BB2015157

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A Few Girls (Original Mix)
Jonathan Calvo
Oh! Geez (Original Mix)
Jonathan Calvo

Jonathan Calvo makes a welcome return to Basiks, his third outing on this imprint comes in the form of the fantastic A Few Girls EP. Jonathan has been working hard on the circuit with DJing and producing and has been around the scene for twenty years. He has been influenced by 80s and 90s musical styles and in the early 2000s he started to play in several clubs, discos and after hours parties around Barcelona and Girona. His cool and dynamic style has led him to be a much respected name among national and international DJ’s. Aside from Bonzai, Jonathan has seen releases on Steel Ground, Datacode, We In The Box and Doppelgaenger.

A Few Girls sets off with a solid, punchy kick and bright, crispy hats in tow. Forming a cool flowing rhythm, the drums are tight here and that’s just how we like it. A fantastic deep, probing bass takes control of the groove as the tech elements of the track begin to shine. Cool, distorted answer phone vocals come in providing a surreal narrative to the track. Expertly executed filtering takes place on the break as the sound is washed and then recovered beautifully into the pounding groove it is for the duration. Top notch stuff.

Oh! Geez intros with cool hats and percussions that build up a solid, layered drum section with the introduction of that pounding kickdrum. In the background some ambient sounds create a textured atmosphere. A funky ass bassline takes over and the groove settles into a deep, house fuelled slice of tech that will get the dancing feet shuffling in no time. Cool vocals come in and out of the sound while on the break a surreal sequence takes us right back into the main sound with crash. Superb stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.




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