Relaunch returns to Bonzai Progressive with a delicious new album titled Anja which consists of 10 beautifully woven tracks that will captivate the mind, body and soul. Having wowed us with his last album, Maybe, this guy continued to deliver the goods with everything he churned out. Relaunch was inspired by the legendary Dorian-Gray parties at the Frankfurt Airport and soon became interested in all kinds of electronic music in the early 90’s. Starting as a passionate club goer, he moved to DJing and ultimately to producing and remixing with a high creative output. His sets are a mixture of atmospheric and impulsive sounds in which he knows how to rock and lead the crowd and to give them their kick. His brand of energetic and atmospheric sounding progressive house won over legions of fans and brought him to even greater heights. He also remains one of the most sought-after producers’ and remixers on the scene, working with international artists and labels. We are delighted once again to be releasing another one of his studio albums and we hope to see much more in the future.

The album sets off with a double dose of pure, melodic progressive house beauty in Distracting Gravity, which is a 4-minute-long intro track filled with wonderful melody and smooth breaks, and Captivating Distance with its powerful, driving groove and emotive prowess. Desire (2019 Edit) is up next, taking us on a rolling, rhythmic journey with a powerful chugging bassline and classic hair-raising string melodies. The title track Anja (Riddle Message Edit) follows, delving deeper into the groove with a haunting vibe coupled with arpeggiated fragments. The break is a slice of brilliance, truly infectious and uplifting, climaxing with a snare roll and back to full-on mode. Kiss Me Louder takes us to the halfway point, changing the mood to that of a more dominating groove thanks to strong synths that have risen from the depths. A dystopian flavour oozes from this one making it the perfect fodder for the later sessions.

Our Territory (Looney Intervention Rethink) and Running Out Of Time takes us to the other side of the midway point, ramping up the energy levels with equally full-on, driving chugging grooves. Solid beats and a prominent bassline stand out on both tracks as psy-laced synths and melodies come through. Just the tonic for the peak time slot. Be My Sense lifts the spirits once again, to cosmic levels with a rich and dynamic, flowing groover. Nice and smooth, the beats play beautifully alongside a rolling bassline while rich melodies converge. Check out the break for an infectious trip. The penultimate track Behind My Mind is a nice slice of prog house. Captivating and wholesome, you know you’re in the midst of a journey-led session with this one. No More Maybe rounds up this superb album, delivering a wonderfully rich and dynamic downtempo groove to dream away the night. Expertly crafted and deftly executed beats sit beside emotive strings and hypnotic arpeggios, the perfect end to a party session, or just sit back and relax.

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