Goa, India based DJ, producer Rohan Artani aka Rawnn, debuts with us at Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Blast Off which features two solid remixes from Crocy and Almi & Theus. Electronic music is not the only passion for Rawnn, he is also into movie scoring which is a whole other ball game. His sounds lean on the heavy, melodic side, giving that edgy cut, which falls beautifully into the way he constructs deep progressive and tech grooves. A relatively new face in progressive, he has already seen releases on Mystique Music and Deeper Love. Nice to have him at BP and we hope to hear more soon.

The Original Mix is a wonderfully creative musical slice that builds slowly with a funky twist on the emerging bassline. Sitting on a bed of tight beats, the groove hots up into a full-on progressive ride. After the initial build, the track breaks into a world of cosmic bliss, with strange FX and wispy pads combining before the chunky groove returns.

It’s been a while since Crocy graced us with his formative remixing skills. Last time out he gave us a superb effort on Stan Kolev’s Utopia which followed the impressive, Mosquito. Crocy has never failed to impress in the many years we’ve been lucky enough to have him at BP. His talents know no bounds as he continues to delight his fans with mystical and magical sounds. Always an exciting time when he sends through his work and we’ve no doubt there will be much more to come. Here, Crocy delivers a classic punchy kick and crispy hi hat arrangement with exotic percussions following suit. A deep chugging bassline is the centrepiece while airy synths and rich melodies provide the musical backdrop. Superb stuff once again.

Almi & Theus are up next on remix duties. Almi aka Almeida Michel is debuting here, making quite an impression. He has represented the electronic music scene in Luxembourg for many years, with productions and remixes, add creative elements to his sound. His tracks have been released on several labels both as a solo artist and in groups. In 2020 he is reaching for higher ground by venturing into the darker sounds of melodic techno & house, we certainly look forward to that. Portugal based, Brazilian DJ, producer Matheus Ferreira returns to BP, offering up his remix skills after his debut, Get Away. Theus has been producing music since 2017. He is an artist with focus, he’s attended many clubs and festivals, getting a feel for the sound so he can find his own way and uniqueness. He is inspired by melodic and progressive nuances of House and Techno. He is always ready for a great performance, knowing how to read the dance floor and getting the audience to immerse in his musical experience. The guys take the groove deeper into progressive territory. A deep resonating bass drone dominates as shuffling percussions are led by a chunky beat while astral arps mesmerize. The break delivers a sublime experience that builds up to a climax and back to full on mode.

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