R3cycle and Roy Lebens to Bonzai Progressive with Babylon which follows their debut here with Thousand Pounds at the start of 2019. R3cycle aka Shahar Shtrikman got into music from a very young age. In 1996 he was introduced to music making program Impulse Tracker which led him to get studying to become a sound engineer. With an impressive release count, Shahar likes to focus on creating nice atmospheres and melodies. Roy has also seen a raft of releases on several labels. A bit more mysterious than his studio partner, the guys have worked together on occasion. In 2014 they also had an appearance on our Club Traxx Progressive House 1 compilation. Nice to see the back for more progressive goodness.

The Original Mix is a dark, deep and moody driving progressive mover, spurned on by a tight drum section that provides a solid rhythm throughout. On the low-end we find a monster bassline that lurks menacingly, waiting to pounce with its deep sinister drones. Gnarly vocals add a narrative as well as an eerie edge to the groove. Fantastic stuff once again from this duo, not to be missed.

Fresh from his sublime remix of Night Shift Master’s Tribalistic, Rise and Fall is back at the helm on remix duties, delivering more solid vibes for our listening pleasure. Since 2013 his works have been praised by several top DJ’s around the world. He has worked with a plethora of top artists, collaborating and remixing, stacking up a hugely impressive back catalogue. He’s been responsible for several original and remixes on Bonzai Progressive over the last number of years and he never fails to deliver. Specialising in deep and techy high-quality sound along with energetic and atmospheric grooves there can be no doubt that Anton will continue to garner huge support for a long time to come. On the remix here, Rise and Fall adds his signature style to the sound. The track relishes in atmospheric FX and the vocals are overhauled into a much wider, more vibrant dynamic. The groove still lurks in the depths thanks to rumbling basses and that expertly crafted drum arrangement. The attention to detail is outstanding, this one is an absolute monster and will not disappoint.

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