Planisphere aka George Petkidis and Laurent Veronnez, return to Bonzai Progressive in 2021 with the title track off their latest album titled, Atmospheres. Since 1998, Planisphere has been a part of the story that shaped the melodic progressive sound, but they also branched out into more experimental touches, with what can only be described as epic breaks, otherworldly, dreamy Balearic sounds and powerful melodic movers. Who can forget the huge classics, Deep Blue Dream, So Many Ways and Moonshine to name a few. It was these tracks that were filling up journey-led sets, wowing the crowds with cascading synths and euphoric climaxes. Of course, George and Laurent’s individual stories are intriguing and exciting, they have done so many great things over the years. It’s always a special time when they get back in the studio together and we’ve no doubt there is more to come.

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