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Placid Larry aka Daniel Ray Van Zyl has been a DJ since 1999 holding residencies in South Africa before moving to the UK with gigs in London and Southampton. Daniel has also held a prestigious spot at Bahrain’s top lounge ZOE’s. During this time Daniel had been honing his skills as a producer in various styles of music.

After several popular releases and remixes on Bonzai Elemental, Placid Larry returns with his unique take on the world of ambient, downtempo and chill filled with beautiful melodies.
Yesteryear is a smooth collection of works oozing with relaxation and impressive arrangement.

We kick off with the title track, Yesteryear, coming in with a vocal hit and deep bass sound the track meanders on building up on a cool downtempo breakbeat kick with cool FX and subtle piano along the way.

Curtain Raiser brings in a laid back vibe with sweet melodies and an almost melancholic sound which hypnotises the mind.

The Distant Sea is a cool arrangement of sounds with a well arranged kick, strangely sublime yet totally gets you hooked in.

Laidback darker sound on Our Outlets with a very quiet softly spoken female vocal and kind of detuned piano, this adds an eerie feel that creates a bit of positive tension.
As The Day Slips Away is an unwinding type of track with a gritty vibe and cool FX, excellent percussions and sweet synths.

Carefree is full of piano melodies and has a chest throbbing bass with a more upbeat rhythm, short, sharp and to the point. Immemorial takes on a drum n bass vibe with a familiar drum signature, very nice synth work ties together a well constructed sound.
Already released in July as a single, Compactor is a nice chilled out vibe with subtle melodies and a really cool kick backed up with a deep bassline.

Fresh kicks and percussion opens up the next track, Wonderland, Placid Larry’s unique signature shines through with piano, deep bass and very cool FX work.

For Peace is a totally chilled out slice of music with a nice sitar sounding instrument and melodic vox sound.

Finally for this album we have Memories Of Us which is a fitting end to a truly amazing gathering of tracks. Beautiful melody and sweeping FX is definitely one for ending a day at the office or a day at the beach.

15 August 2012 FEATURED RELEASES ,




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