Petro Chatzopoulos aka Petri Petro returns to Bonzai Basiks with the seven track mega EP entitled Human Side. Petro is Belgium based DJ and producer, he was strongly influenced by early Hip Hop and Big Beat sounds. After studying at SAE in Brussels he gained the required skills in audio production and after listening to the likes of Armand Van Helden and Junior Jack, he decided to start into creating house beats. Since then he has appeared on labels like Dash Deep Recordings and Gam Recordings. Petri Petro has contributed some magical moments on Bonzai Basiks over the last number of years with previous releases – Starburst, Dragonfly, Beam Of Light, Deflector and more – enjoying great support from the techno fraternity. Another fine slice of techno this time around that we’re sure will appeal to many.

This mini album kicks off with the tough edged driving grooves of Human Side that sets us up for a whirlwind ride through techno and beyond. This is followed up by Safety Area that pounds us relentlessly with a deep sub bass and pumping kicks to the backdrop of some classic techno sounds. Danger hits hard straight outta the box with a kick drum that will shake any foundation to its core. The kicks are backed up with a chest pounding offset bass that stays the course from start to finish. The track is garnished with a very cool vocal and some electrifying synths. Up next we have the pacey Target that raises the energy levels by several degrees. Again we get pounded by a solid kick drum and bass combi alongside a stuttering hi hat sequence. Fantastic mesmeric FX come through and suddenly you find yourself locked on to a classic techno groove that will definitely turn a few heads. Awakening keeps the heart racing with its powerful beats and low sub bass while Transportation rolls back the years to deliver a wonderfully constructed techno cut laced with classic style sounds and a superb vocal. The final cut on this one is Modification and this one personifies the contemporary sound meeting the classic. The standards of today’s music production continues to rise and when you take a solid dynamically balanced modern sound and throw in some retro vibes, this is what you get. The very essence of the track will get right into the depths of your soul and force you to succumb. Think Sapiano – Don’t Stop and draw the comparisons. This one rocks and we’ve no doubt it will cause a stir on many floors.

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