We welcome PCP back to Bonzai Progressive with the superb, nostalgia driven, Back To The Sound. PCP remains a stalwart on the electronic music scene having wowed the crowds at famous Belgian clubs where he held residencies throughout the 2000’s. Always at the forefront, he started his own labels – Rewritable Records and Vintage Deep Records, as well as releasing original material on other labels. Great to see him back once again.

The release opens with Back To The Sound which transports us back to the glory days where tough piano chord stabs and gated vox synths where the order of the day. Set against a punchy kick drum and rhythmic percussion, the groove is infectious, rekindling fond memories. Up next, Sound Of B gets the early techno juices flowing with a powerful synth driven groove. Tight betas lead the way as those classic chord stabs rule the floor. Top-notch stuff that is not to be missed. The Beat rounds out the release, offering up a fresh, groovy take on the retro theme. Chunky beats and shuffling percussions set the rhythm loose as infectious chords take us right back to the 90’s. Cool FX, such as the classic vinyl spin back, add character to the groove.

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