We kick off 2018 with a fantastic progressive outing from dynamic studio partners Pavlin Petrov and Graham Lloris who return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Another World which features three solid remixes from Audio Noir, MacroVision and Zed White. Last time out the guys gave us the superb We Are Not Alone which performed very well gaining great support across the board. Pavlin has been churning out quality vibes here for a while now and his last solo BP cut – Tremor EP, is a perfect example of this. Graham has worked alongside Pavlin on other occasions with fantastic results and he’s been churning out quality cuts since 2012 and has established himself as a solid, consistently creative artists.

The Original Mix boasts a dark chugging groove with tentative snare rolls filling out the background alongside swelling pads and FX. A solid kick drum leads the way adding a wonderful punch to the sound. Surreal moments are laced with serene choir voices and that deep rumbling bassline while rhythmic percussions keep the feet moving. On the main break we’re treated to a beautifully crafted sequence which introduces captivating chants before we head right back into full on mode for the duration. A fantastic slice of progressive that is not to be missed.

Returning to the remix roster we have the hugely talented Audio Noir with his Rekonstruction which aims to take us on a journey deep into the progressive abyss. We last caught a glimpse of this guy back in the Summer of 2017 with a remix on Dylan Dowie – Synapse which proved to be popular among many. Nice to have him back helping us kick off the new year. On the remix we find ourselves locked into a driving bass heavy groove which features distant choir voices, a pumping kick drum and rhythmic percussions. The main player here though is that bassline, straight up and in your face, forcing you to move. The break tells a different story as we head into a nicely tweaked acid sequence that joins perfectly with the driving bassline. Another wonderful effort from this guy that does not disappoint.

Zed White returns to BP with a top notch remix after his debut – Crazy Diamonds – back in the Summer 2017. The remix here takes us on a deliberately dark and emotive journey. Captivating choir voices tease the senses against the backdrop of a tight drum arrangement that will definitely get feet to the floors. Subtle notes add weight to the rhythm providing a solid platform for the track to evolve. And evolve it does. The break is mesmeric in its execution creating a whole new dynamic to the sound. Enhanced chants and a deep rooted bass drone combine to send chills down the spine while the drums slowly come back to move us once more. Superb stuff you do not want to miss.

MacroVision is up next on the remix and here the Ukranian DJ and producer aka Ruslan Haievyk makes the switch from our Green Martian imprint where he debuted just a few short months ago with his Aurora EP. On the remix here he takes the plunge right into a epic, charged progressive monster. Punchy kicks and bright hi hats line up alongside an ever expanding drum arrangement layered with big snares and rhythmic percussions. On the low end a rumbling bassline dominates while melodic synths play along, drawing us in. The darker elements control the break as subtle voices come through before we are taken back to the main groove with a thump. A truly dynamic experience that will be a welcome addition in any peak time set.

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