Cyprus based music duo Paul Angelo & Don Argento return to BP with the superb Truth. Last time out here they gave us their Voyager EP which gained great support among many. The guys started writing and playing electronic music as a duo back in 201 and since then they performed at top electronic music venues in Cyprus and managed to reach the Beatport top 100 with their debut EP, Bromelain. Their music blends elements of Progressive House, Trance and Techno and they have seen support from big electronic artists such as Tim Penner, Capa, Robert R. Hardy, Pete K, Dmitry Molosh, Simos Tagias, Chris Zag, Haris C, Paul Anthonee and many more.

Truth wastes no time in getting right down to business as a punchy kick drum and crispy hi hat lead the way alongside rhythmic bassline. Captivating vocals lure us into the groove as a deep subby bass comes through which ramps up the energy. We’re drawn deeper into the track by a beautiful sequence of melodies from soft synth notes and a rich pad. On the break we are mesmerized by the melodies before being churned right back into full on mode for the duration. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint.

Taya intros with nice punchy kick drum and a mesmeric sequence filled with swirling pads and deep bassy notes. Subtle percussions fade up and transform into a tight rhythmic arrangement. The track takes us deeper and deeper thanks to a superb multi layered bassline that just dominates the groove. As we head into the break we find ourselves in the midst of captivating story from ancient times, a story told through subtle and expertly crafted sounds. Another superb deep progressive slice from this duo that is not to be missed.

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