London based DJ, producer duo Orphix aka Kris Stewart and Ed James, return to Bonzai Progressive with, Avantes Peak, which comes just a few short months after their Autumn debut, How Soon We Change. Always pushing themselves to achieve more success in their music career and looking to perfect their technical abilities and develop their own unique style, Orphix draw upon their Hurricane Studio roots and lifelong passion for music. They have always been musically gifted, from a young age, DJing, performing and producing a variety of genres. Now they’re passionate about developing their sound and theoretical knowledge, and achieving the next level of success. Great to have them back at BP.

The Original Mix is a tight progressive mover, with a distinct punchy groove. Chunky beats and rhythmic percussions drive as wistful vox pads fade up, creating an atmosphere. Detailed arpeggios combine, accompanying a deep, droning bass. Vibrant vocals emerge, adding a rich dynamic to the sound and raising the hairs on your neck at the same time. The track captivates with its emotive chord changes which give off a feel-good factor. Superb effort, not to be missed.

AudioStorm is back with another solid remix. A stalwart for us over the years, he never disappoints. On the remix here, the groove is somewhat smoothed out, into a more laidback vibe, but with the same captivating prowess as the original. A solid drum section powers the groove alongside beautifully crafted pads and a plucky bassline. Striking vocals feature heavily, adding character to the track and hypnotizing the mind. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint.

Music maestro Manu Riga returns on the remix, and the Belgian continues to wow us with his wonderful talents. On the remix this time, Manu Riga holds no bars, treating us to a superb trek into progressive territory. A beautifully crafted slice which sits on a bed of his distinctive beats and rhythmic percussion. A plucky bassline drives the groove as airy pads bring harmony alongside distant voices. On the break, subtle synth plucks transform, opening up into wide, spectral hits before climaxing and back to full-on mode for the duration. Another masterpiece you do not want to miss.

We welcome Monotique back at BP with a sublime remix, which follows their equally impressive remix on AudioStorm’s Rhetoric Monster. The remix here is a fine example of their talents. The interpretation does justice to the original while gaining its own momentum. Punchy kicks and bright, crispy hats deliver a smooth rhythmic flow as myriad of synths and arpeggios combine, creating intricate patterns throughout. Bigger, bolder stabs add contrast along with gritty bass hits and that captivating vocal. Powerful and relentless, a definite contender for peak-time madness.

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