After Dark is proud to present our debut single from a trio of Old Rave Bastards or O.R.B. as they are affectionately known. CJ Bolland (label head honcho), Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten aka Steel are the old bastards behind the project and they’re here to load us into the time machine and take us back to the glory days of Techno. We don’t think an introduction is really necessary on this occasion, but we’ll give you a recap of who these O.R.B.s are. CJ Bolland is considered with legendary status amongst a generation of electronic music lovers. From his early days collaborating with like-minded enthusiasts in projects such as Space Opera, Phantom, The Project and Sonic Solution to name just a few, to laying down his first studio album titled The 4th Sign which went on to become an iconic pressing. Over the years he experimented with different sounds and to date he boasts an impressive repertoire that includes DJing to dedicated ravers all over the world. Belgian DJ and producer Steve Cop has contributed heavily to Techno in the early nineties. He is the other half of Sonic Solution along with CJ and we all know the top tunes they turned out under that guise. A very much in demand DJ, Steve has played all over Belgium and more recently he has been featuring in several parties held by the mighty Bonzai. Dany (Steel) is a veteran of the Bonzai posse having released tracks under Batteries Not Included with Roel Butzen, D-Bedroom Visitors with Stefan Melis (Bountyhunter) on UVM as well as a few cuts on sub-labels from back in the day. Dany joins forces on the decks with Steve using his Steel persona and they are regular artists on Bonzai’s party and festival line-ups. A formidable trio with a wealth of experience and just the right amount of lunacy to create mind-blowing Techno.

It’s Just Music is a feisty number with modern production values and a classic oldskool vibe. Perfectly constructed with shuffling percussions and a pounding beat, driving a steady rhythmic arrangement, you will be forced to move to the infectious groove. Dark piano chord stabs from the early to mid-nineties Techno sounds are brought to life with a millennial twist, delivering maximum impact on the floors. A relentless, powerful mover that will light up the floors, no doubt.

#o.r.b. #bonzaiprogressive