Nico Parisi and Monotique continue their successful studio partnership with another superb effort titled 1001 Nights. Fresh off the back of their last Bonzai Progressive release, Pulsar, the duo are making waves on the scene with combined experience and fresh ideas and it’s great to have them on board.

The Original Mix delivers a solid progressive mover with a deep undercurrent, laced with bright melodic flair and hair-raising vocals. Airy atmospheres add depth to the sound as a powerful bassline controls the low end. Gai Barone returns to Bonzai with a top-notch remix. No stranger to producing quality sounds, Gai continues to wow his audience. Thanks to his superior brand of progressive house, he has a knack of drawing you in, connecting minds and ensuring maximum satisfaction. Here, he sets us up on a trek deep into prog territory. At its core lies a deep, surging bassline, surrounded by gated plucks and melodic arpeggios. The track builds effortlessly into an intense and wholly immersive groove that will not disappoint. Nico takes the reins on remix duties, delivering a feistier effort thanks to that massive rolling bassline and pronounced synth plucks. Punchy and dramatic, the perfect addition in any peak time set.

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