Cologne based DJ and producer Nepou debuts on Green Martian with the fantastic Regentanz EP. His music is characterized by many stylistic features of diverse genres including progressive house among others. The musical sphere ranges from dreamy, uplifting and playful melodies to mystic, melancholic and trippy sounds. The common components of all his tracks are his stylistic synth sounds, a deep atmosphere with the intention to send his listeners on a journey. Nepou started playing piano at age 8 and had lessons for 9 years. Since then, music has always played a very important role in his life. Finally, he got in contact with the production of electronic music for the first time in 2009. Shortly afterwards, he began to produce music himself with an Akai MPK 49 and Ableton Live. From this point on, Nepou’s style was subject to a constant change until it became what it is today. Since the beginning of 2017 he has seen several releases on various labels, this guy is only getting started, much more to come in the future for sure.

Regentanz gets straight to the business end of hypnotic progressive house right from the off. Muted kick drums line up against mesmeric pads and subtle arpeggios. The kicks are boosted to punchy level and are joined by a warm, enveloping bass. An intricate web of melodies are carefully crafted to contrast effortlessly with the deeper elements and on the break this is where they shine. A simply beautiful slice of progressive house that will not disappoint.

Parallelwelten offers up a beautifully sequenced collection of sounds, turning them into a wonderfully rich and coherent structure that will captivate and mesmerize. A solid drum arrangement leads the way while deep warm basses shore up the low end. The rich vein of melodies stands out, drawing you into a colourful world that will keep you locked in. A stunning display that will definitely grab a lot of attention.

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