We welcome Narik back to Bonzai Progressive with a superb slice titled, Rush. This one follows his 2020 cut, Shaka EP and promises to be just as well received. Growing up in the 70’s, Narik aka Johann Bomy, experienced all kinds of music, but it was the New Beat, House Music era that really grabbed his attention, making him passionate about electronic music in general. He was always on the lookout for the latest tracks which helped him learn about and want to know more about where the music came from. This turned into a desire to start producing and, since 2017 he has churned out a raft of quality cuts on various labels with a great support base. Always a pleasure to have him on board.

The Original Mix opens with a celestial pad and a though provoking spoken vocal. Chunky beats and rhythmic hats get the groove moving as the pads intensify, layering up and harmonising, taking us to the stratosphere. The tracks main focus is to get us to think, through music, a message of hope and ways to achieve peace. The perfect start to 2021.

Madrid based producer, Jacob Singer returns with a solid remix. Jacob has been an integral part of the Bonzai Progressive sound for a number of years now. Since 2017, he’s dished out 10 original releases and just as many remixes. He started out in music playing the guitar and was heavily influenced by rock and metal bands for many years. After he discovered electronic music however, he soon realised that this is where his passion lay. Now a veteran on the progressive scene he has churned out many noteworthy releases on various labels and, as always, it’s great to have him here. On the remix here, Jacob digs deep, delivering an edgy mover with tough beats and a mesmerizing underlay. Rolling basses glide through, in contrast to swirling, melodic pads. The vocal stands out, providing the narrative, getting the mind to think. Top-notch remix, not to be missed.

Nibiru returns to Bonzai Progressive, fresh off the back of a solid debut titled, The Circus Noon, with an equally solid remix. Here, the remix centres around that celestial vibe created by the emotive pads and delicate, melodic notes. The vocal comes through, bringing that sense of hope, providing a retrospective narrative for the future generation. The groove is driven by solid beats and a powerful, pulsating bassline, perfect fodder for any progressive set, a must have.

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