Narik returns to the label with another superb effort titled, Albafica. This one marks his fourth cut for Bonzai Progressive and support continues to grow for his enriching sound and unique style. He became passionate about electronic music after listening to New Beat and House music. He was always on the lookout for the latest tracks which helped him learn about and want to know more about where the music came from. This has served him well and no doubt we’ll see much more in the future.

Kicking off the release we have the beautifully crafted progressive grooves of Albafica. Driven by organically charged percussions which offer infectious rhythms, the track flows effortlessly with hypnotic arpeggios and strong basses at its core. A solid workout indeed. Rounding out the release we have the equally infectious and wonderfully rich, I Just Want Music. A thought provoking slice with sweet cascading melodies, vibrant pianos and warming pads. The groove is enhanced with a strong drum arrangement and lush bass tones that will definitely get the floors moving.

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