Turkish DJ, producer Nacres joins us at Bonzai Progressive with the superb debut three track EP titled Nano. Considered with veteran status, Nacres got his first DJ gig at Taxim Night Park in 1994. He was already connected to the electronic music scene for 3 years prior to this, having worked on sound and lighting at various venues. Residencies also came along at Ulus and Cubulu clubs as well as many guest spots at some of Istanbul’s best clubs. He hung up his cans in 1997 but, in 2019 he decided to make a return to music, devoting his skills to producing quality progressive house and tech house. His sound is influenced by Tribal flavours with Jazzy house and Afro sounds coming through. Great to have him here at BP.

Nano conjures up a dynamically charged progressive groove, spacious and tense with tight percussion patterns. Swelling pads and cool spoken vocals create an atmosphere as a plucky, driving bassline solidifies the groove. The track is galvanised further by tense synth arps that weave a narrative, locking us on for the duration. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Cano takes a direct approach with an upfront, punchy kick drum and sharp hi hat combo. Rhythmic percussions add scope and width to the sound as teasing FX, synths and bass come through. After a snappy snare roll the bass drops, taking us on a ride with its dominating prowess in the groove. Sweeping synths create an Eastern flavour before a very subtle synth line joins in, adding harmonies alongside cool spoken vocals. A definite must have, no doubt.

Zero rounds up this stellar EP, taking us much deeper into the progressive sound. The stand out part is the bassline, totally in control, working the low end and driving the groove beautifully. Super tight drums lead a rhythmic charge as smooth FX and synths combine effortlessly. Rich and harmonic, mesmerizing and enchanting, this one is a gem of a tune that will be a welcome addition in any building set.

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